Increasing the quality and value within individual’s career, business, and lifestyle goals.

Who Benefits?

Let’s connect the dots…and build a stronger more connected community!

High School Students

High school students are recruited to attend the event either as scholarship recipients or volunteers. High school students are able to set themselves apart by working alongside the speakers and presenters, giving them the opportunity to learn about different industries and form relationships while earning community service hours. Exposure this early in their development allows them to learn before attending college what areas pique their interest and make connections to navigate them through the process.

College Students

College students are provided access to high-level mentors and skilled professionals in numerous industries to assist in the smooth transition from college into their respected working professions. All students attending have the opportunity to get professional headshots and business cards made. Participating on-campus organizations can reserve booths to solicit donors and mentors for their initiatives.

Professionals, Service Providers and Entrepreneurs

With the launch of our new app, working professionals, entrepreneurs, and service providers can get listed and featured. This is an added benefit on top of the dynamic presentations that largely focus to assist these individuals in elevating their brand and identifying areas in their leadership and personal development to improve upon.


With the launch of our new app, businesses can get listed and featured. In addition, the workshops and presentation aids businesses in identifying areas in their management and operations to improve upon while also marketing their brand and/or services. We also provide on-site tabling.


The Summit launched a BPS Authors corner during the Summit and on-line that assist black authors in marketing their work. It is important to share the literary contributions of those living and working in South Florida.


The Summit serves an integral role for non-profits. We provide low cost marketing and exposure to recruit volunteers, promote mission and message, while learning in our non-profit and philanthropy sessions how to become effective capital builders.

Professional Organizations

The heart of professional organizations is sustained by their members. The Summit provides a simple support system for service organizations to RECRUIT and expose the community to their initiatives, while allowing their existing members to partake in the Summit activities.

Black Elites

Networking never stops. There is always deals to be made, knowledge to be learned. However, for excelling black professionals the Summit focus is to give them opportunities to GIVE BACK. Money is great but often times the inspiring and emerging professionals need time and access to their brain. Learning from people they aspire to be. We work diligently to have top professionals keynote the Summit, host a workshop and attend our receptions to better engage with their fellow community members.


You might be able to identify with all or some of the listed, but I think it is clear the  Summit serves as an opportunity to bring together people from all walks of life to better themselves, careers, and/or business all under one roof.

Portrait of an attractive African American business woman smiling confidently


To harness the collective power of inspiring, emerging and excelling black professionals to create transformative and generational empowerment within our communities.

The Black Professional Summit (BPS) was born in 2014 and designed to serve as a catalyst for professional development in South Florida. The summit provides a medium that merges experienced black professionals with passionate and energetic post-secondary students, resulting in a continuum of professional and leadership development central to the growth and the betterment of our South Florida community.