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Young Black Professionals Guide to South Florida

Legacy Magazine – For years, there has been this catchphrase “brain drain” thrown around, which is this theory that intellectually talented and giftedly trained individuals are leaving their hometowns for greener grasses and bluer beaches to seek bigger pay.

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Press and Media

South Florida Black Professionals Summit aims to address economic injustice

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Miami Herald

September 14th, 2016 – Coming near the tail end of a year that has further raised questions about injustice to African Americans, this year’s Black Professionals Summit in South Florida aims to provide answers.

Third Black Professionals Summit coming soon

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Miami Times

August 31st, 2016 — Over the past two years, the Black Professional Summit has served as a catalyst for community development in South Florida. The annual conference has provided professionals insight on how to maximize their career and create wealth-building goals.

Confident African American businessman stands at his workplace with his colleagues in the background